Research Interests

Our main research interests involve:

  • (a) Evaluating the effects of behavioral interventions and teaching stratégies on individuals with autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities
  • (b) Developing and testing mobile technology to facilitate the implementation of behavioral assessments and interventions
  • (c) Detecting and measuring verbal and non-verbal behavior in applied settings
  • (d) Examining the validity of single-case designs
  • (e) Reducing problem behaviors in children and adolescents with ASD and / or intellectual disability
  • (f) Focus on improving the quality of life of people and their families through interventions based on positive behaviour support (PBS)
  • (g) Evaluation of the implementation and effects of intervention programs in ID, ASD, PBS and early childhood
  • (h) Interventions with aging populations with ASD or intellectual disability or cognitive impairment