Ioulia Koniou

Since fall 2018, Ioulia Koniou, is a Ph. D. student at the Université de Montréal supervised by Marc J. Lanovaz. She holds a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science with specialization in the field of disability from the University of Bordeaux and a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences in Biology from the University of Strasbourg. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology from the University of Bordeaux. Ioulia is strongly influenced by her diversified and multidisciplinary background linking issues in disability and intellectual disability. She has two years of experience in intervention with children with neurodevelopemental disorders (ASD, ADHD, T21) at the Hedissoa Association of Bordeaux. She is currently trained in ABA at the Gold Center in Montreal where she works as a stagiaire and volunteer.

Projet de thèse : Study and compare the effects of different teaching strategies on the learning pace of one-word concepts in children with ASD.

Research interests : Autism spectrum disorder, applied behavior analysis (ABA), intellectual disability, discrete trial teaching.